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Date Night Prep by tanikel
by tanikel

Beautiful work, I love this shot! The black background really focuses more on the flamingo. What I would really do is add a bit of blur...

Blue Rose by Erisiar
by Erisiar

This picture looks very calming. As for the sky I really liked how you went from dark to light - You really pulled it off, and it reall...

Fearless Gallery CSS by SimplySilent

The gallery in general is incredibly clean. Honestly I really love how you added the lit/journal thumb down continuously, it looks so o...

Transparent by Drake1
by Drake1

Very nice and elegant layout. Every time I look at it, it made me think of glass. Honestly I find that the transparent-looking box look...



What a change on dA. It is a nice change but I think the hashtag is not necessary but that doesn't bother me.
Ouf! Wow, already it's the 4th week of August and it's so hard to believe - Honestly it feels like I have not done so much lately! This year is just... too fast for me!

I am curious to know: Who's ready for the con? Who will you be cosplaying as this year? I've got my costume ready to go and it's packed already! I am super excited because the con is getting very close! =)

And this year I will also have items up for sale... located at the exhibit hall. Currently I will be selling: Stuff for PSP (casing and sets), video games, wigs and other things to list. Most of the items are in excellent condition, and few of my other items are brand new (never opened). PM me if you're curious what items I will be selling there (at the Otakuthon of course!).

Until then, see y'all there! :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz 
Progress shots by Zichee
Progress shots
Please excuse my boring collage. I wanted to share my creation if you're curious to know what I'm up to.

So here is my first costume I've ever made. The sleeves needed modifications that's why it looks pretty odd without me wearing it. xD Oh yeah, forgot to take a picture of my boots as well. There are some things I wish I'd knew earlier like add wires for the bow because it looks like it's being pulled down when I tried to add support to it. :cry: Just got to tweak some bits and parts of my costume here and there.

As for the skirt, I know the color looks very off. I'll worry about it after the con so I guess I have to stick with what I have for now. =( Hopefully I'll be able to remake the skirt and revamp some parts of my costume in the future. I'm so tired but I'm satisfied with the results. I think I've fainted. 

Idk what else to add. I can't think very well at the moment so if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll try to write back!

Thanks for reading!
Greetings everyone,

I just wanted to write my first review on my very first cosplay wig I got as a gift. I was shopping for wigs online called Thanks to SapphireWarrior, I am in progress of getting ready to cosplay as Yuna.

At this time I don't have a great picture with my Boret short brown wig. Hopefully I'll find a better picture after the con.
Basically the wig color is actually lighter than chocolate brown, it's more of a caramel brown (or tea brown, I guess). It's a warmer tone of brown, not cool. If that makes sense. ^^; (Comparing the real Boret wig to the screen.)

The gift I got was Boret short brown wig cosplay and is one of the newest style. The length of that wig is 12 inches. I just wished they had a 14 inch wig because it feels quite short but that’s okay. =) What more should I ask if I’m getting a good deal from them, plus some discount and most of all, good customer service?

Two weeks ago before my wig arrives home, they had a 24hr discount if you purchase any wig online. So I got very excited and didn’t hesitate! xD It was quite challenging to decide which wig would really suit the character. I was about to get the Simid one since they both had the same style and the color looks fairly close to Yuna’s (the violet hakama version) as the Boret, but I took my chance of choosing the brown one instead.

The wig took two weeks to arrive to Canada, since it’s international. I got super excited and decided to open up a package, and the wig was a lot brighter than the picture shown in their gallery page. It was tea brown color than the chocolate brown, but I’m very happy and did not regret this gift! I’m so glad I made the correct decision.

(5/5) The wig fiber is quite soft, and as stated on their website, their wig is truly heat resistant. I tried testing out the fiber using low heat settings, working my way from the bottom, and it didn’t damage the fibers at all. I’m surprised it hasn’t melt! Excellent!

Oh and also, their wigs tend to tangle (I know most wigs do that but not like Epic Cosplay) but you can easily untangle them with your fingers if you’re gentile with them.

(4/5) (5/5) The wig cap however, is quite small unfortunately. Luckily, my head was big enough to fit the wig cap perfectly. If you put the hook all the way at the end of the strap (by loosening it), the wig should fit on your head perfectly fine. I would give 5/5 if the wig cap was a little bigger, (because I have a thick hair) but in my case, it’s not a big issue.

*UPDATE: Actually, 5/5 instead of 4 because I'm a n00b at wigs since this was my very first one. You can easily adjust the wig cap with the tiny pocket things (don't know how to say it) or you can leave it alone all together.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my wig. (It’s the cutest wig I’ve ever owned!) I may consider buying another wig from them if they keep up with their great service. I would recommend my friends about this wig if they look forward of buying cosplay wigs.

I hope I covered up everything for this review. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below. I’ll do my best to answer questions if I can. =)

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(Above image is a sketch pic of me.)

Why hello there, I'm Zichee! (My name preference.) Also known as Pastele(tte).

I love to dress as fictional characters, mostly video games - because I'm a video game freak! I sometimes have weird personalities in many ways, mainly because of too much excitement.

I love pretty things, pastels, bubble gum lollies, pixels, pirates, fantasies, flowers and anything that catches my eye.

I don't like to waste usable things or throw recycled things in the garbage, and trolls. Please don't troll on my profile as I like to keep my gallery clean, ty.

Feel free to drop me a comment or note if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything cool you want to share about! =)

Also, please do not watch me for unknown reasons if you did not intend to, thank you!

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