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Date Night Prep by tanikel
by tanikel

Beautiful work, I love this shot! The black background really focuses more on the flamingo. What I would really do is add a bit of blur...

Blue Rose by Erisiar
by Erisiar

This picture looks very calming. As for the sky I really liked how you went from dark to light - You really pulled it off, and it reall...

Fearless Gallery CSS by SimplySilent

The gallery in general is incredibly clean. Honestly I really love how you added the lit/journal thumb down continuously, it looks so o...

Transparent by Drake1
by Drake1

Very nice and elegant layout. Every time I look at it, it made me think of glass. Honestly I find that the transparent-looking box look...



So how's everyone today? I'm sorry for being so quiet... been working on my cosplays lately and catching up my other stuff. I'm trying to finish up my priorities as much as I can so I can get my free time to do what I love. Also, sorry for being too lazy to upload my progress. xD But I had so much fun with it and I just want to complete my cosplay before the con (and that's for Otakuthon of course!). (I don't even want to think about wearing an incomplete cosplay. The worse feeling, ever.)

I already have the wig and the boots. I also got my badge to prepare for this year's con! I don't have any shots for her sleeves and the scarf at the moment but I'll be sure to take a full body shot once my costume is fully completed.

Here are my scraps of my recent cosplays (feel free to click for a closer look if you're interested):

WIP: The accessories by ZicheeWIP: The bow by ZicheeWIP: The sash by Zichee

The painting was the easiest and fun part to do. However, it was the most time consuming part ever.

And this work was way back:

Yuna's accessories by Zichee

I'm quite slow in cosplays. Mainly I've been working on and off.

For those who are coming to Otakuthon, good luck on your cosplays (if you're working on it)! And I hope to see everyone there! =D Don't forget to say hi, meeting new people makes me very happy! :giggle:


(Above image is a sketch pic of me.)

Why hello there, I'm Zichee! (My name preference.) Also known as Pastele(tte).

I love to dress as fictional characters, mostly video games - because I'm a video game freak! I sometimes have weird personalities in many ways, mainly because of too much excitement.

I love pretty things, pastels, bubble gum lollies, pixels, pirates, fantasies, flowers and anything that catches my eye.

I don't like to waste usable things or throw recycled things in the garbage, and trolls. Please don't troll on my profile as I like to keep my gallery clean, ty.

Feel free to drop me a comment or note if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything cool you want to share about! =)

Also, please do not watch me for unknown reasons if you did not intend to, thank you!

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Thank you for the favs!
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NP! =D TY for sharing!
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Thank you very much for the watch! :iconsweethugplz: :tighthug:

Please enjoy this cookie, and have a wonderful day! :giggle:


Zichee Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Nom, nom, nom, thanks for the virtual cookie. xD
No thx needed hun :hug: You deserve it. :)
take care!
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Give Boggart a hug! :D It`s a really cute flash animation from apofiss. Click on the `give hug` button, and I bet all my savings that you will say ``DAAAAWWW!``
LiFurin Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
Shit, forgot the link. LOL Here:
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THANK YOUUUUUUU *.* I'll never be able to thank you enough!
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